Shoe in the cake

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When noting a colleague's typo a while back, she became gloomy: "I can't get anything right."

When I had an overly critical observer in my class years ago, I remember getting anxious: "Oh no! was that the wrong picture on the last slide I put up?!"

When a friend asked me if I liked a new painting in his apartment, I knew my honest answer (i.e., "Not really") would lead to his undue sadness.

Whether in the business or the personal world, or in a combo of both, it's wild how often we taint our enjoyment of life by having our "shoe in the cake". That is, we put our self-esteem where it doesn't belong. Here's to acknowledging insecurities, and to doing the work of slowly but surely understanding and eliminating their unique roots. For once the hidden BS is exposed, accepted, and eventually gotten rid of, pride replaces self-doubt ... and then the real fun, the pure fun of work and relationships begins!

Jesse McCarthy is the founder of jemslife, an educational resource offering personalized teacher and parent coaching.


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