"Is it better to be married when you have a baby?"

Below is a dialogue between a five-year-old girl and her caring teacher. I hope you enjoy.

Nina: You had a baby, right?

Teacher: You remember it.

Nina: You're married. You're a "Mrs." and you wear a ring.

Teacher: You observed that.

Nina: My sister's going to have a baby.

Teacher: You're going to be an aunt.

Nina: Yes, but my sister's not married.

Teacher: Oh.

Nina: Is it better to be married when you have a baby?

Teacher: You're wondering about that?

Nina: Yes. Everybody at home was all upset and mad, but I'm happy.

Teacher: You're looking forward to being an aunt.

Nina: Yes, but I wish everyone was happy.

Teacher: You wish they shared your joy.

Nina: Yeah.

Nina paused for a moment, ran over to her teacher, and hugged her.

In this dialogue the teacher was most helpful. She understood Nina's message and mirrored her feelings. She gave her credit for her observations and reflected her hidden wishes. Nina felt so understood, accepted, and appreciated that she reciprocated with a gesture of love.

*From Teacher and Child, by Haim Ginott

Post by Jesse McCarthy, jemslife


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