Delivering happiness


There is a simple way to bring a smile to any child's face: send him a letter.


A friend recently told me she misses receiving mail -- that is, physical mailbox mail. She longingly remembers the excitement of opening letters as a young girl.

For me, I cherished getting mail from my grandpa, who was busy traveling the world but still managed to write me grandfatherly advice packed into a few square inches of postcard. I just loved it.

Today, children rarely experience the unique pleasure of receiving handwritten letters, which means if and when they do, it can be special.

With that in mind, and in the spirit of this Thanks-giving month, let's give kids a novel delight that no email or text can provide: a personal note of thanks literally delivered to their door.


Whether a dad sends a brief but meaningful message to his preschool daughter (e.g. "Thank you for bringing such sunshine to my days"), or a mom mails a longer letter of appreciation to her teenage son -- every child will smile when opening such an unexpected and thoughtful gift.

And if for whatever reason you think it doesn't make sense to send a letter to your child, or to someone else's child even, feel free to send one my way (address below). :-)


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