Anne Sullivan, a Radical in Education Today

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In 1915, Helen Keller's teacher -- Ms. Anne Sullivan -- gave a speech. In it, she discussed her inspiring views on education, and how the then current educational system was failing children. Crazily and sadly, 100 years later that system hasn't changed much.

Luckily for us, though, women like Ms. Sullivan and Helen Keller -- and Dr. Maria Montessori, "that wonderful woman" who "systematized these ideas of education" -- left for us their wisdom and spirit, found in their great words and deeds.

Throughout her talk, Ms. Sullivan offered glimpses of just how radical and uplifting her (and Dr. Montessori's) educational approach is, noting that "what [Helen Keller] has accomplished without sight and hearing suggests the forces that lie dormant in every human being." Let us awaken those forces, both in our children and in ourselves, and reap the rewards today...

Jesse McCarthy is the founder of jemslife, an educational resource offering personalized teacher and parent coaching.


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