"a present for my self"

One of the reasons I love being around children is they can be so unabashedly proud of their accomplishments and of themselves.


Years ago during a field trip to Knott’s Berry Farm, a student of mine who was afraid of rollercoasters challenged herself to not be afraid. Despite her fear that day, this ten-year-old girl decided that she would ride a rollercoaster. And she did.

Later, as we were leaving the theme park, all the students and teachers visited a gift shop. As we walked out, I saw that Nadia -- this now fearless rollercoaster rider -- was carrying a plastic Knott's Berry Farm bag. Seems she had bought a souvenir.

I asked her what she purchased. (Maybe a bit nosy of me, now that I think of it.) She took out this Snoopy doll. Then she looked up at me, so proudly, and said: “I rode my first rollercoaster today. And so I got a present for my self."


Here's to our own fearless achievements, and to experiencing the clean and genuine pride that comes with them.

Post by Jesse McCarthy, founder of jemslife


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